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Operating Procedures
Passenger Briefing

Newly rebuilt N65974 follows new 235 hp Pawnee

Coburg Hills
Sailplane Club

Coburg Hills Chapter of
Soaring Society of America



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The club is presently searching for a place to soar. However there are other soaring opportunities nearby. Redtail Soaring at McMinnville OR offers instruction and rides from March through October. New students are encouraged at any age. You may solo a glider at age 14 and be licensed to carry passengers as a private pilot at age 16.

For more information contact:
Mark Stroble 541-501-2148
King Povenmire 541-935-6449

Completely rebuilt May 27, 2007Martin's Functional Test Flight May 27, 2007Dave Seip flying the tow
First in a series of three. Watch the lennies. 2nd. Two-minutes later.4th. They keep changing.
Charlie Roten headed for the Coburg Hills.Serge Faumont's first solo - obviously running afoul of rule 23(B). (see Operating Procedures)Kayla Foster and her proud papa Mark on her first solo congratulated by Robbi Povenmire 10-30-2005
King Povenmire SoloMark Foster Commericial Checkride 10-13-2007