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Operating Procedures
Passenger Briefing

Coburg Hills
Sailplane Club

Passenger Briefing
and Manifest

Creswell Airport (77S)Operations: Elev 535 msl RWY 15-33 1800ft

Welcome to Coburg Hills Sailplane Club and About Time Aviation. We hope you enjoy your ride. Please read the following. You may copy the Passenger Manifest below to "Word" and fill it out prior to arriving at the glider port.

Here are some procedures to help us all stay safe and have fun.

Our number-one priority is to operate safely. If you question the safety of any operation by pilot, passenger or bystander, feel free to bring it to his/her attention.
“A sincere interest in helping another person is a legitimate reason to provide critique” (from United Airlines Crew Training)

Non-flying visitors:
Visitors are required to stay behind the imaginary line formed by the yellow cones unless invited by one of the pilots. The area just east of that line is an active runway. Airplanes, gliders or airplanes dragging towropes may land there. You will not hear them coming.

Smoking is not allowed within 50-feet of any aircraft. Aviation fuel is highly flammable as is the fabric covering on both the towplane and the glider. Once ignited either aircraft would burn brightly and be fully consumed in 20-seconds. If you must smoke please adjourn to the west side of the driveway.

Alcohol and flying don’t mix. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the premises. Federal Aviation Regulations will be followed by both passengers and pilots.

All operations will be at the risk of the participants. No liability will be assigned to the property owner, the tow pilot, the Coburg Hills Sailplane Club or it’s members.

Rule #23(B)
“Any pilot or passenger seen grinning from ear to ear after a flight will be doused with water until the grin disappears.” This sometimes takes quite a lot of water.

Coburg Hills Sailplane Club Passenger Manifest: Please print legibly

Date________ Name of Passenger ___________________ Signature_________________

Street Address___________________________E-mail_____________________________

City________________ State_____ Zip____________ Phone_______________________


Names of Friends, Relatives and other Distinguished Guests