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Don’t Run A-Foul of
Rule Number 23B*

Words by King Povenmire to the folktune “Fireship”

Joe came out to the glider port to get a glider ride.
We said it might be turbulent. “I’m ready!” he replied.
They flew across the face of this gigantic bumpy cloud.
The lift was so terrific that the pilot laughed out loud.

They flew along at redline and they gained 1000 ft.
Joe’s voice went up an octave and he said “This can’t be beat!”
And when they finally landed it was plain for all to see.
That they had clearly run a-foul of Rule number 23B.

They ran a-foul of number 23B. and I’m glad it wasn’t me,
It was right out there for all to see. They must suffer the penalty.

Kayla’s curiosity led her to learn to fly.
She took her lessons seriously and managed to get high.
On gaining several thousand feet she knew this was her thing.
She didn’t anticipate the satisfaction it would bring.

And when the time came by for her to fly it all alone
We told her to stay up a while and land beside the cone.
She stopped beside the marker and her face was filled with glee.
But she had also run a-foul of Rule number 23B.


I took a friend up for a ride one cold and rainy day
To our surprise the overcast provided lift! Hooray!
We flew across the valley and we circled o’er the town.
We kept on getting higher and we wanted to come down.

We flew around at 90 knots to stay out of the cloud.
And having so much fun as that just shouldn’t be allowed.
It was raining when we landed. We took shelter by a tree.
But we had also run a-foul of Rule number 23B.

We ran a-foul of rule number 23B. Oh No, this time it’s me,
It was right out there for all to see. We must suffer the penalty.

*Rule 23B. Any pilot or passenger seen grinning from ear to ear after a flight will be
doused with water until the grin disappears. (Sometimes this takes an awful lot of water.)

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